Wheel spacers

You might have come across this term when looking for alloy wheels or maybe a fancy Instagram post from a car tuning company.

What are the wheel spacers? What do you need the wheel spacers for? Which ones are the right spacers for my wheels?

Don’t worry, we at Speedy’s have worked with wheel spacers for over 20 years and can help you understand every aspect of this very useful but rather complicated accessory.

What are the wheel spacers and why do I need the wheel spacers?

Wheel spacers fit over your vehicle’s holding bracket to increase the clearance between the wheel and the hub assembly, creating extra space that can be used to fit custom wheels, big brake kits or simply to change the profile and appearance of your car. They also give some of the benefits of wider wheels, improving stability and cornering.

Which ones are the right spacers for my wheels?

Wheel spacers can be slip-on or bolt-on, and come in a wide range of sizes to suit different cars. It’s important to choose the right size of spacers to avoid problems – if in doubt, consult a garage or ask our experts at Speedy’s Wheels & Tyres. With wheel spacers suitable for a range of makes and models, Speedy’s Wheels & Tyres can help you customise your car just the way you want it. Come and see us at one of our stores around the country.


What sort of cost is involved?

Wheel spacers can cost from £15 to £150 depending on the size and type of spacer you go for. Simple 5mm slip-on spacers cost £15-25. Wider spacers like 35mm bolt-on generally cost over £75 per spacer.

I need help/advice with the wheel spacers

Don’t worry, our wheel experts are here to help. Simply call us on 0330 088 7963 or visit your local Speedy’s store.

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