If you have ever been in the market to buy tyres for your vehicle, you must have come across the tyre speed ratings. What do the letters mean and are they important?

We will explain everything you need to know about Tyre Speed Ratings, In a quick & ‘Speedy’ way.

Letters are important

Yes, the H, W, Y or whichever letter for Speed rating you have on your current tyres is important. Speed rating defines the maximum speed a tyre can be driven on. For example, H rated tyre means that you can drive up to the speeds of 130 mph on the tyre.


What are the Speed limits attached to the letters?

Following is the list of maximum speed for each tyre speed rating

N: 87mph

P: 93mph

Q: 99mph

R: 106mph

S: 112mph

T: 118mph

U: 124mph

H: 130mph

V: 149mph

Z: 150+ mph

W: 168mph

Y: 186mph


Can I use a different speed rating to what I already have on my current tyres?

The simple answer is Yes. But providing that it is close to the speed rating you have on your current tyres.

For example, you can use W or V rated tyres instead of Y or H rated tyres instead of V. But if you don’t know for sure, you can always call the Speedy’s helpline number 0330 088 7963 or use our live chat feature.