Manufacturing information

Exemple d'informations sur la fabrication d'un pneu : flanc Winter Slalom

These codes indicate when and where the tyre was manufactured. In this example:
DOT – Department of Transportation (USA)
BP – Code relating to the factory where the tyre was made
M2 – Dimension code
P711 – Optional code
4008 – Week and year of manufacture. In this case week 40 in 2008.

Winter markings

Two specific winter markings can be found on tyre sidewalls:


exemple de marquage hiver : flanc Winter Slalom

This marking indicates that, in accordance with European regulations, it is a “snow” tyre. Nonetheless, its performances in winter conditions are not tested.


3PMSF : 3 Peaks Mountain Snow Flake

3 Peaks Mountain Snow Flake: tyres with this marking are designed for snowy roads and offer performance levels confirmed in tests.*

The symbol made up of three peaks and a snowflake (3pMSF) on M+S (Mud & Snow) tyres designates tyres designed for difficult snow conditions.

* Test of braking efficiency in winter conditions using the ETRTO (European Tyre and Rim Technical Organisation) method.


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